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Dear awesome people,

The PROMISING PROMISES tour is approaching faster than an approaching car that is approaching really, really fast. I can’t tell you how excited the band and I are to get back out on the road and see all you guys! This is the first headline tour the band and I have done in over 3 years!! Yeah, I know. Crazy. SO I’m working hard to make this the absolute best tour yet and one of the ideas the JonMcL Team came up with is this:

THE CHALLENGE: Spread the word about my upcoming show in your city. VIEW THE TOUR SCHEDULE to see if I’m playing a show near you. Check that you are able to get into the show because not every show on the tour is all ages. How do you spread the word? That’s up to you! Get creative with it... hand out flyers, design a custom tour poster, make tour t-shirts promoting the show, call your local TV or radio station and get the word out, create a webpage or Facebook group for fans in your city...

What you do is up to you! YOU MUST TAKE PICTURES AND/OR VIDEO TAPE YOURSELF DOING IT and send a link to us, as we will require proof of what you have done to promote the show in your city! We will select one winner in each city I’m visiting on the tour and these lucky people will win:

We’ve prepared a starter poster to get you started. You can use this design for any and all promotional materials you decide to make.

What is McLovers?

Participants entering for concert dates occurring:
May 16 through June 6
Deadline to Enter: Friday, May 11 @ 12:00pm EST
Winners Announced: Monday, May 13

Participants entering for concert dates occurring:
June 7 through June 23
Deadline To Enter: Friday, June 1 @ 12:00pm EST
Winners Announced: Monday, June 4

On announcement day, the winners will be posted on and contacted directly via e-mail. Winners are responsible for all travel to and from the show. Best of luck to everyone who enters and many thanks to you all in advance for your support!

*If your entry is selected as a winner, this information
is required so we can contact you!
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